Best I can tell I’m just your average miner girl. I didn’t start that way though. My parents had a small house in the city where they did their best to raise me. They didn’t have a lot of geo but they gave the world to me and let me follow my dreams. I always wanted to be a singer, see. I loved the idea of creating music to share with the whole world. Music makes people happy and I want everyone to be happy, just like me. So, with their blessing I set out into the world to make something of myself and help the world out a little.

But there was no work for a singer in the city, at least outside the pleasure house. Now, I love all bugs but all y’all wouldn’t catch me dead workin’ there. That place takes good hardworking bugs and sucks them dry, taking what remnants of souls they might have had before. So I kept looking, and eventually found my way outside the city to the crossroads. Here I met a friend who worked as a menderbug, fixing the sign posts around the crossroads so other bugs would know where to go. He told me about the crystal peaks, an area full of valuable minerals which I could mine and sell to make a life for myself. It would give me the money to pursue my true hobby. So I took him up on the offer.

He gave me a pick, completely free, and showed me where I could mine. The peaks were quite active—hundreds of miners and dozens of machines were at work collecting and processing crystals. It was chaotic, and I could hardly hear myself think. So I looked around and found a vein in a quiet, secluded area just below the elevator to the peaks. Here I could mine and sing in peace, and see my menderbug friend from time to time. I’m not the smartest bug in Hallownest but I knew something was special about the vein I found. It seemed to contain within it, something more valuable than all the crystals on the entire peak.

I never thought my hunch would be right but in my mining escapade I found her. A great being of light who loved bugs as much as I do. She appeared slowly, in my dreams at first. At first I thought these dreams were caused by the crystals which were quite radiant if I do say so myself. But the crystals were a cold uncaring light, the radiance comforted me. She reassured me that everything would be alright and she made my world brilliant and happy again. Slowly, my dreams bled into the real world and as it happened the world itself became bright and wonderful. Soon I’ll be able to stop mining and return to my dream of singing for all of Hallownest, and my song will be all the more beautiful because of the light I have been given.