QoL mod for Hollow Knight is a collection of tiny mods by 56 which improve the general Hollow Knight experience. Rather than describing the experience as a whole I shall write about each component, which can be enabled or disabled from the modding api menu, individually.

In order:

Infinite PoP: Allows the user to retry the path of pain after finishing it. Ideal for attempting speedruns, or for those who just enjoy the masochism of it.

Mouse Bindings: Lets you bind mouse buttons past middle mouse button to various actions in the game.

Salubra Killer: Makes Salubra’s blessing silent when sitting on benches. No longer do you have to hear her ghostly noises. She will still give you soul as normal.

Skip Cutscenes: Allows you to skip some of the plot related cutscenes in the game, such as the dreamer ones. This was a vanilla feature removed by the lifeblood update and made speedrunning the game on this and newer patches relatively slow.

Speed Broke: Allows the user to perform glitches like inventory drop that were patched out of the game by the lifeblood update. These glitches are generally seen as benign by most users and incredibly useful by speedrunners.

Unencrypted Saves: Allows the user to load the game from unencrypted save files. Simply decrypt your savefile and rename it so it ends with .json (EG: user1.json). This makes save editing vastly easier since you don’t need to decrypt and reencrypt your saves every time.

Dream Respawner: Allows you to reenter all 6 dreams after dying much faster than otherwise. Useful for those who don’t want to walk back to the platform every time lost kin or NKG kills them. Has full Infinite Grimm integration.

Download it, and any other Hollow Knight mod, from Gradow’s Mod Installer.