Glorious Combos, by Avenging Angle, is a relatively simple mod which adds a combo meter to Hollow Knight. Alas, it doesn’t add complex combo attacks to the knight’s moveset, instead serving as an indicator for the player’s skill and consequently rewarding them with damage buffs (optionally, like all things in this mod everything is completely configurable). The main goal of the mod is to complete every pantheon with as many bindings as possible and as high a combo as the player can manage. A star rating is provided at the end based on how well the player did. Complete the pantheon quickly and without taking damage to achieve a full combo. These ratings are saved and displayed on the main menu so you can show off your success to your friends.

The mod itself is very lore friendly. Your general goal is the same as it is in the base content pack: to attune yourself through ritual combat to the voices of the Gods. Let them lead you ever higher! Higher and higher and higher! Until through Godly focus you attain communion with that great power sleeping in the Kingdom’s heart! To wield this godly power requires fighting both quickly and precisely. Like infinite grimm, higher thought will lead to your death, so leave it behind and embrace your instincts, for only through them can you unleash the full extent of your power.

The mod isn’t perfect. One thing that should be noted is that it’s highly recommended you turn it off when you aren’t in the pantheons, or at least disable its impact on the player damage though. These settings are provided by the mod in its settings file. Without setting either of these, you may find normal enemies mildly annoying to fight as your combo bar will usually be quite low and thus your damage much lower than normal. In any case, the settings file makes Glorious Combos a mod that everyone can and should enjoy. Just play around with it if anything in the base mod makes you unhappy.

Download it, and any other Hollow Knight mod, from Gradow’s Mod Installer.