A massive fiery Hollow Knight mod! Redwing, by Avenging Angle and FoldingPapers, provides your character with numerous radiant, flaming abilities which give you more damage and make you stronger. It’s fully configurable, and even includes a hard mode, if you’re up for the challenge. Its designed to work with other total overhaul mods, including Lightbringer and Blackmoth.

Redwing is a mod which turns your knight into a fiery god by providing it numerous powers. In spite of literally making the game easier, Redwing’s many flame based attacks have a very high skill ceiling. To get the most damage and power out of Redwing requires mastering these attacks. A beginner may see a slight increase in their total damage output, maybe around 30%, and will find the flame shield the most useful ability. A master may see their damage tripled and their favorite ability napalm.

Beyond all this, Redwing also adds to and revamps the Hollow Knight lore. In total, there are approximately 200 new lines of text including new dreams, item descriptions, and conversation lines. It doesn’t attempt to be fanfiction although the comparison might not be unjustified. It attempts to keep the lore as accurate to the original as possible, but these changes were made because Redwing is a total overhaul- that is it fundamentally changes core aspects of the game like the atmosphere. The bleak story of Hollow Knight doesn’t belong in a game with a being who dances while tossing around fireballs. The changes are made as subtle as possible. It’s probable that, with the exception of the different opening poem, you might not even notice a difference if you aren’t an avid fan of the game. In addition to the unique text, three new ending cutscenes have also been added. Although my video editing isn’t perfect, they convey the plot of Redwing- and what really happened in Hallownest.

Redwing is by every metric the largest Hollow Knight mod. Redwing has more assets than any other mod. And even with that, much of the fire is procedurally generated. It has more significant lines of code than any other mod as counted using David A. Wheeler’s ‘SLOCCount’. It is the first mod to do quite a few things. The first mod to ever incorporate custom videos. The first mod to have any form of procedural texture generation. The first to add custom gameobjects complete with sprites and hitboxes. And the first to integrate fully with another mod (Blackmoth) (although partial integration has been achieved before by Grimmchild Upgrades). I believe it stands as a milestone for modding, much as Lightbringer did many years ago. While it will probably never be as popular, like Lightbringer it stands to greatly raise the bar on Hollow Knight modding. I hope that it will encourage better and bigger mods from the other modders.

Download it, and any other Hollow Knight mod, from Gradow’s Mod Installer.