An intense and fun dashing mod for Hollow Knight! Blackmoth, by Gradow, turns Hollow Knight combat into an exciting high risk high reward dance between you and your enemies. Dash around everywhere, and quickly, but at a cost. Your nail becomes ineffective, so all damage must be done through dashing. A fun mod designed to work with Redwing or standalone.

Blackmoth provides a truly unique experience for those who like vanilla Hollow Knight but want more. The combat is visceral and fast thanks to your high mobility. It makes the nail related charms buff your dash in ways some might consider overpowered. Overall though, Blackmoth won’t make the base game too much easier, especially not starting out, where even traditionally “easy” bosses like false knight become large challenges for even an experienced player. Float dashes, achieved by holding the jump button while dashing upwards, allow the player to “sequence break” the game and travel through it in new and unique routes. Imagine reaching the Pale King’s castle with nothing but a mothwing cloak and a drive to explore.

Overall, Blackmoth presents a fun and different experience which every Hollow Knight player should try, at least once. You can download it, and any other Hollow Knight mod, from Gradow’s Mod Installer.