A tool we use to look at the games assmebly is dnSpy. This tool can be used to inspect the source of the game, and while it can be used it edit the assembly this will make your mod incompatible with other mods and require distribution of the entire assembly-csharp.dll so instead this tool should only be used to find out how the game works internally.

How to Use

  1. Download the zip from the github release page.
  2. Extract it somewhere
  3. Run dnSpy.exe
  4. On the left of the window there will be a Assembly Explorer, drag the games assembly-csharp.dll into the Assembly Explorer
  5. Click on the arrows to the left of items in the assembly-csharp.dll to expand them
  6. Inside Assembly-CSharp ( there is Assembly-CSharp.dll and inside that there is {} - and this is where a majority of the games code is.