Ownership of charms can be checked with the PlayerData.instance.gotCharm_X var, where X is the ID found in the following list. Checking if they are equipped can be checked with PlayerData.instance.equippedCharm_X. The cost to equip charms can be changed with PlayerData.instance.charmCost_X.


Using PlayerData.instance.GetBool(“gotCharm_X”) or PlayerData.instance.GetInt(“charmCost_X”) is prefered, as that way other mods can make their changes to the desired values.

ID Name LangName Add.Bool
01 Gathering Swarm CHARM_NAME_1 None
02 Wayward Compass CHARM_NAME_2 None
03 Grubsong CHARM_NAME_3 None
04 Stalwart Shell CHARM_NAME_4 None
05 Baldur Shell CHARM_NAME_5 None
06 Fury of the Fallen CHARM_NAME_6 None
07 Quick Focus CHARM_NAME_7 None
08 Lifeblood Heart CHARM_NAME_8 None
09 Lifeblood Core CHARM_NAME_9 None
10 Defender’s Crest CHARM_NAME_10 None
11 Flukenest CHARM_NAME_11 None
12 Thorns of Agony CHARM_NAME_12 None
13 Mark of Pride CHARM_NAME_13 None
14 Steady Body CHARM_NAME_14 None
15 Heavy Blow CHARM_NAME_15 None
16 Sharp Shadow CHARM_NAME_16 None
17 Spore Shroom CHARM_NAME_17 None
18 Longnail CHARM_NAME_18 None
19 Shaman Stone CHARM_NAME_19 None
20 Soul Catcher CHARM_NAME_20 None
21 Soul Eater CHARM_NAME_21 None
22 Glowing Womb CHARM_NAME_22 None
23 Fragile Heart CHARM_NAME_23 None
Fragile Heart (Repair) CHARM_NAME_23_BRK brokenCharm_23
Unbreakable Heart CHARM_NAME_23_G fragileHeart_unbreakable
24 Fragile Greed CHARM_NAME_24 None
Fragile Greed (Repair) CHARM_NAME_24_BRK brokenCharm_24
Unbreakable Greed CHARM_NAME_24_G fragileGreed_unbreakable
25 Fragile Strength CHARM_NAME_25 None
Fragile Strength (Repair) CHARM_NAME_25_BRK brokenCharm_25
Unbreakable Strength CHARM_NAME_25_G fragileStrength_unbreakable
26 Nailmaster’s Glory CHARM_NAME_26 None
27 Joni’s Blessing CHARM_NAME_27 None
28 Shape of Unn CHARM_NAME_28 None
29 Hiveblood CHARM_NAME_29 None
30 Dream Wielder CHARM_NAME_30 None
31 Dashmaster CHARM_NAME_31 None
32 Quick Slash CHARM_NAME_32 None
33 Spell Twister CHARM_NAME_33 None
34 Deep Focus CHARM_NAME_34 None
35 Grubberfly’s Elegy CHARM_NAME_35 None
36 White Fragment CHARM_NAME_36_A royalCharmState
Kingsoul CHARM_NAME_36_B
Void Heart CHARM_NAME_36_C gotShadeCharm
37 Sprintmaster CHARM_NAME_37 None
38 Dreamshield CHARM_NAME_38 None
39 Weaversong CHARM_NAME_39 None
40 Grimmchild CHARM_NAME_40 grimmChildLevel
Carefree Melody CHARM_NAME_40_N

Custom Charms

Using CharmHelper, it is easy to add completely new charms to the game. For help there is also CharmHelper_Example.